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Featured Projects

We hand-picked some of our graduates' projects for you!

Farida's Project.png

DIY Kaleidoscope

Farida El Kabbany

A self-rotating Kaleidoscope to give the user an enjoyable experience and a little bit of education.

Winter 2022

Light-Sensitive Kinetic Mesh

Merna Safwat

A prototype of modular automated kinetic mesh to buildings' façade that responds to sunrays to achieve thermal comfort during daytime.

Winter 2021

unnamed (1).png
unnamed (1).png


Ramie Ahmed

A motorized camera slider with a phone mount to be able to attach to any phone to bring professional cinematic-looking footage to everyday people.

Summer 2021


Mina Magdy

A smart 360-degree turntable with different modes for product photography.

Summer 2021

unnamed (1).png

Plant Saver

Eman Yasser

A simple, automated, and Arduino-based system to irrigate plants according to a set of sensors.

Summer 2021


Esraa Rageh

An Arduino-based night lamp and a clock with a twist of artistic embroidery.

Winter 2021

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