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Program Description

A training program designed to empower people with the knowledge they need to take ideas from concepts to prototypes.


A Maker Diploma graduate will be able to conceptualize, model, and create a medium-fidelity prototype of a smart device or a solution; which fulfills a personal demand or solves a local challenge.

Program Requirements

We believe that we're all makers, and there shouldn't be any limitations for anyone to learn how to think, design and build stuff, but in order to provide the best experience, the applying students should:

  • Be 20 years old at least

  • Be able to cope up with the self-learning practices

  • Be able to commit about 20 hours every week for the program

  • Be able to regularly access the Fab Lab they register in

  • Have access to a laptop and a good internet connection

  • Have basic computer and internet skills

such as installing programs, copying files, and making docs with Google Drive

  • Understand both Arabic and English

​The program will be delivered in Arabic, but any written materials will be in English. You need to have intermediate reading and writing skills in English, and strong listening and speaking skills in Arabic.

​      DURATION:

​11 Weeks


​15 to 25 hours


Beginner Level

​      AGE GROUP:

+20 Years Old

​      LANGUAGE:

Arabic + English



on a course schedule

​      MODALITY:


online and offline


+200 Graduates

38% Females

26y Average Age

​      TOTAL COST:

10,000 EGP

or earn up-to 100% scholarship

Program Content Details

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Students Boot Camp

We start with a demo week where students get familiar with the Maker Diploma program structure and rules.


They also get introduced to the instructors, the tools they are going to learn, and the Fab Lab Machines.

Boot Camp
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Making From Scratch

Students have a holistic look at the full picture of smart device.


They understand the core blocks required to build a smart device using digital fabrication and programmable electronics through case studies.

Module 1
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Making Things From Materials


Students acquire the skills of 2D and 3D Computer-Aided Design (CAD) using Autodesk Fusion 360 design software.


They also produce digitally fabricated objects through Laser Cutting wood sheets and Plastic 3D Printing.

Module 2
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Powering Things Using Electrons


Students learn the principles of electricity and power electronic components effectively.

They practices building electrical circuits using breadboards and measuring electricity using multimeters.

Module 3
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Making Things Get Smarter


Students learn to wire electronic components to Arduino boards and program them to do smart actions.


They learn how to take inputs from the environment using sensors and produce an output using action components.

Module 4
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Making Things Talk To Things

Students learn how to make their smart circuits communicate with other smart devices, such as computers.

They design and build interfaces on other devices in order to interact with those smart circuits.

Module 5
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Project Integration


Each student demonstrate how the various skills learned through the program could be integrated into a useful project from his own choice.

Here are some examples of how final projects may look like.

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Join Now

The total cost is 10,000 EGP**

You'll receive a kit of electronic components and get machining credit.


** San3a Academy have partnered to offer a limited number of scholarships covering up-to 100% of the total cost for qualified students. If you got accepted for the scholarship, you will be asked to pay a small commitment fee (not less than 750 EGP), which will be re-funded if you graduate.


I have full-time occupation. Will I be able to attend the program?


The typical work load for this program is around 20 hours per week. Half of this time will be spent on watching recorded tutorials and doing self-practices.

We also making the our online sessions start after 5PM during weekdays, and the offline sessions on Saturdays to make it easier for full-timers to attend the program.

Its said that you can consider the program as your part-time job for three month.

Check the Admission + Aid page for a detailed schedule.

Do I need to have prior skills in design, electronics, and programming to apply?


No, you don't.

This program has no technical prerequisites. It takes you step by step to learn all the skills from scratch. You only need to dedicate the time and effort in order to do so.

Will the program be online or face-to-face ?

This is a hybrid program, meaning that your learning journey involve a mix between online and face-to-face activities that requires you to access your Fab Lab node from time to time. Please note that the Maker Diploma program doesn't provide any accommodation for distant-learning students.

How will we do the hands-on activities?

  • For the activities that involve digital fabrication machines such as the laser cutter and 3D printer, you should access them at the Fab Lab node where you are registered.

  • For electronics and programming, you will receive a kit that contains all the required components for completing the activities.

How can I graduate?

Students are required to finish and document the weekly work and the final project within the timeframe of the program and before the mandated deadlines.

In order to graduate, you should:

  • Commit to attending lectures and sessions

  • Fulfill the requirements of the weekly assignments

  • Document the weekly assignment using text, photos, and videos before the deadlines

  • Fulfill the technical requirements of the final project 

  • Document the project progress using text, photos, and videos before the deadline

How many sessions should I attend?


Students must attend 1 lecture + 2 sessions per week.

  • The weekly online lecture is where students get introduced to new concepts and get an orientation to the work-to-do during the week. The lecture always takes place at the beginning of the week.

  • During the week, students get divided into groups. Each group join their instructor in two sessions;  where they get close mentorship, followup, and progress review. The first session is conducted online, while the end-of-week session is conducted offline at the Fab Lab node.

What is included in the program’s cost?


  • Access to the basic course materials and tutorials

  • Access to all live sessions and lectures

  • Access to the Fab Lab node (three days on each week)

  • A machining quota

  • A kit of electronic components

  • Certificate of completion

  • Lifetime membership to the Maker Diploma Alumni group (if graduated)

Who is eligible to apply for a scholarship?

Any one could apply for the scholarships.

Learn more through the Admission + Aid page.

What are the minimum requirements for the Laptop that I'll use for the program?


  • System: Windows 8.1 / macOS™ Mojave 

  • CPU Type: 64-bit processor

  • Memory: 4GB RAM. More is recommended

  • Disk Space: 20 GB

  • Pointing Device: A mouse

  • Graphics Card: Dedicated GPU with 1 GB

or Integrated graphics with 6 GB of RAM

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