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Dalia Tarek

Project: Mini Interactive Wall

Introducing the interactive wall concept to reality while maximizing the use of biodegradable materials which represents 80% of materials used (plywood, PLA and textile). It aims to produce a new line of interactive parametric walls while minimizing the motors used but still providing a unique user experience.


The user can control the pattern motion iteration through using 3 interfaces (Software, manual and automatic using sensors). Software is established using processing to get 3 sliders, one for each linear motion iteration. On the other hand, Arduino is used and attached to a switch which is integrated to allow a human machine intervention HMI. When the switch is off, the control is found using 3 knobs. While when the switch is on it turns on the sensor which its readings provide different iterations according to distance near and far away from it. In a nutshell, Arduino programming allowed HMI intervention while processing programming allowed the software user friendly interface.


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